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Still Reading

Let’s catch everyone up:  I read about 250 pages of this book, and was enjoying it tremendously, and then . . . I stopped.  This is often the Way of the Carlton.  And the longer I delayed, the more I feared that I would have forgotten everything that had already happened and have to start over.  This happened with The Brothers Karamazov, and it was a drag.  Actually, that whole book was a drag, and not worth the trouble. I don’t feel the same way about W&P, so maybe that’s the difference.   

But nope!  I picked the thing up today (oof!) and Prince Andrei and Count Rostov were still fighting Napoleon in Austria.  Fears: unfounded! 

In between, I read a couple of other books.  I’m not a huge reader, these days, but I do occasionally choke one down.  To give a formal accounting: I read The Road, by C. McCarthy (awesome), Under Western Eyes, by J. Conrad (a writer I like more and more), and Portnoy’s Complaint by P. Roth (which I recognize as funny haha and striking some kind of nerve with people, but I’m glad it wasn’t any longer than it was).  I am also reading Bonk, by Mary Roach, which is good fun.


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