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It’s fashionable either to disdain Twitter or to tweet obsessively — unfashionably, I both endorse it and use it infrequently.  I’ll not post anything for  eleven weeks and then do ten in a day.  The last few days I’ve been active.  If you read this blog (and you know you don’t), you might be interested in following me there.


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Yesterday’s downside:  1.  Received my first rejection slip from my last round of submissions of my novel;  2.  Found out that a very nice woman — the mother of an ex girlfriend (we are on good terms) —  has advanced cancer; 3. Was told that a key person in a small group of activity partners here is moving away in the next few weeks (so the whole group will fall apart); and 3. Heard discouraging rumors about something I had planned to do at work.

Yesterday’s upside: 1. Was invited to lunch with a group of people I don’t normally interact with very much.  When I thanked the person who invited me, she responded (via email):  “we like you!”; and  2. Was told (unsolicited) that I had lost weight.

So, I’d say that’s about equal, right?

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