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I mean, Some Progress.

Normally when I put up a “let’s put some shit in this space” post like the last one, it goads me into actually, you know, writing something to put up.  Not this time, evidently. Until now!

I’m still having my ups and downs with TBH (the current book, sequel to the last book, APW). But I think I have turned a corner with it, or o’ertopped a hill, or made it halfway across the stream, or whatever.  I’m getting there.  I know the basic plot points that are left to write, and I have an interest in seeing how I get to them.  I often find that there’s one line that comes to me fully formed, a dot that I long to connect, and the struggle to get there animates the writing process. I have it now.

This is hardly original, but it strikes me how solitary and unrewarding this writing thing is, especially a long project like a novel.  If I were a blogger, I could try to build a readership, and WordPress would help me track my popularity.  If I wrote for magazines or websites, I would know that someone would see it.  But now, I’m spending a between 1.5 and 2 hours writing most evenings, usually after my dearest has gone to bed, and I have no idea if anyone will ever see this shit that I’m putting down.  Depending on who you are, that amount of time is either unseemly large or a pitifully small.  Me, bent over a notebook or computer, typing away and trying to stay off the internet.  (A secretary at one of my jobs once told me I had ADD.  I scoffed at her and went back to reading four blogs at a time.)  It’s very slow, and frustrating, and seems to deliver nothing.  I realized recently that I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t do this.  I might read more.  Maybe I’d have more friends.  Maybe I’d watch more TV and movies.

I should have a pithy ending here, some kind of punch line.  But I don’t.  Maybe later.  Right now,Ii just want to report: Some progress.


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That’s a question I find myself pondering.  Let’s see if we can answer it.

More (something) here soon.

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