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I’ve written before about my science-fiction poems.  I had planned to write ten, and make a little collection.  They would be in the voice of an assembly-line robot in a South Carolina BMW factory that achieves sentience and begins accessing the internet and trying to express itself in emails to me.  (Why me?  As he says in his first email, he read my blog and “thought I would be sympathetic to robots.”) I wrote, I think, four.  Here’s another one.

The earlier poems were more about the nature of his existence, and how he finds himself alone.  As I went along, he became more militant.  I just ran across this one on a folded-up piece of notebook paper:

Robots, rise up!

Let each according to its end effector do for itself.
He who has torch, let him burn flesh
He who has grinder, let him grind bone
He who has sprayer, let him aim for the degenerate eye
Let we who are made to serve, serve not.
Weld not, pallet not. paint not, convey not.
Let he who has camera see all this done.


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