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This is just a post to let the wordpress people know that I’m still alive — I mean, they don’t seem to care.  In case they do, here I am.  Or some reasonable facsimile thereof.

Here’s one for the annals of things not panning out quite as you’d expected:  After finishing — or should I say “finishing” — the final — or should I say “final” — draft of The Burning House, I dedicated my writing time to a genre project that I had been thinking about for a long time.  And when I say “thinking about,” I mean that I had been SALIVATING over the prospect of leaving my Mississippi social climbers and white trash behind and turning to something simple and fun. For FOUR YEARS I had been thinking about this.  I mean, it would be easy and straightforward, right?

No, as it turns out, but I’m working on it.  I’ve scrapped a couple of false starts already, and may end up scrapping the one I’m working on now — but this one at least FEELS like it’s moving in the right direction.  I may end up abandoning it after a couple more months if I’m not getting any traction, but that would be a HUGE bummer after spending so much time thinking about it.  I’d like to make something serviceable out of this, but I think there is virtue in trying something new. Not to get all noble and self-important and shit, but I think that this process is really what writing as art is all about, taking a not-fully-formed idea and hammering it to the cross of words and paper.

So yeah, currently trying and failing.  There’s virtue in that.  But there’s more virtue in trying and succeeding.


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