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. . . is born.

He's beautiful.  I am bald.

He’s beautiful. I am bald.


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So, Penelope Trunk has written something bizarro and cruel about someone of note who recently died.  I’m not going to link to it, but I’ll link to this article about it. And I’ll also link to a post I wrote about her back in 2012.  At that time, I decided that she was (and apparently still is) a very effective controversy-generating machine.  She had recently written about some purported domestic abuse and posted a picture of a big bruise on her naked body.  I said:

 As I said, I can’t know how much of what Penelope writes is true, whether that picture is real, whether she’s asking for help or not.  Certainly, a blog post is not the most direct method of asking for help.  If she isn’t asking for help, what is she doing?  Creating drama?  Driving blog traffic? Performance art? Trying to turn the world against her boyfriend, while at the same time becoming a martyr?  Or is the whole thing a massive fiction?

You may agree with Penelope in this instance.  She may be right! (Though it doesn’t seem so.)  But it would be a mistake to rely on her as a truth-teller.  She wants you to read her blog, link to it, retweet her, let your outrage at her on on her behalf lend a bit of motive force to her wheels. Getting the facts right is not job one, or even job ten.  She would appreciate me blogging about her.

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Just an update:

1.  Today is the due date of Baby #2, but he is disinclined to appear. This page will be my courtyard easel.  There might be something on FB as well.

2. Overestimated Books has a Twitter account, but with no content at the moment.  Follow it at some point if you like! https://twitter.com/overestbooks

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